From Villa Meyne to the 4-star superior relaxation resort Miramar. Vacation in Croatia means vacation in Opatija

An old saying is: without the past there is no future. Particularly, if the history is as colorful, magnificent and exciting as in Miramar and Opatija – the former Abbazia.

Holiday dream Miramar

It's always been nice here also a long time ago during the Belle Époque. That is why it has always been an easy and lovely task to find the right words for the advantages of this exquisite piece of jewelery, which today presents itself as our Villa Neptun. At the turn of the century, during the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy as Villa Meyne, appealed to the first Abbazia (this was the former name of Opatija) traveller you can read in an old travel guide as follows:

"Most beautiful location by the sea. Magnificent view. Large rooms and salons. Own beach. Shady garden area and the greatest possible cleanliness in the house (...)."

Not much has changed in that respect, only the cleanliness issue is perhaps no longer communicated like written in this advertising.

The spirit of that times and the way of life are cherished and cultivated with the greatest care at the Miramar! We combine modern 4 -Star luxury comfort with historical romance. So Miramar is much more than just a holiday location. The Adria-Relax-resort MIRAMAR  is a holiday feeling.

Wo das Flair vergangener Zeiten sanft über das Meer streicht. Hat sich die Weite zur Ewigkeit gedehnt.