Healing climate The Kvarner effect. How it all began…

Kvarner Bay began its “tourism career” as a popular spa and wellness address during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Opatija, then known as Abbazia, was officially named
„climate spa resort“ by imperial decree in 1889.
Kvarner Bay is one of the mildest Adriatic regions, thanks to the Ucka range, which protects the coast and islands from cold northerly winds. The special microclimate, with 2000 to 2300 hours of sunshine annually, the high air pressure, the therapeutic aerosols form the sea air and the high salt concentrations of the brilliantly clear sea represent bundled health potential, known today as the Kvarner Effect.

A walk along the Lungomare…. beneficial and healthy! A long tradition, continued today through modern approaches and facilities.