Enjoy the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere .. Your luxury holidays in Croatia!

........ a place where time stands still.

It's always great to relax on the coast

It is the ideal place to press the ‘pause’ button for a moment, allowing the stresses of daily life to gently fade away. Here, the clock ticks just a little more slowly and the good life is all that counts. Everyday life takes a break, a short time out in Opatija! The sun is smiling, the sea water of the Kvarner Bay is refreshing, you just enjoy and regain strength!

Enjoy relaxing holidays with culinary highlights! The day starts with a wonderful breakfast at the terrace only 10 m from the sea! Maybe it continues at noon with a small snack. And in the evening an delicious 4-course menu – also with sea view! And after dinner - a glass of red wine or a cocktail, listening the atmospheric music on the sea terrace ….
During the day you enjoy a relaxing massage or a beauty treatement. Or a short excursion into the picturesque surroundings – by boat, car, bus, bike or simply by foot!

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Guillaume Apollinaire