Miramar sauna area Sweat healthy in the sauna

Aufgüsse - die Seele der Sauna

What actually happens with our body in saunas? The heat in the sauna raises the body temperature to 38 ° C, and the body begins to react in the same way as with the fever caused by the disease - it produces increased white blood cells and antibodies. This is the way how the natural healing process and strengthening of the body's immune system begins.

The warm air in saunas dilates the skin pores and in this way toxins are more easily excreted from the body, and the consequence is a greater ability of the body to fight diseases characteristic of the respiratory system. Enjoy our world of saunas and give your body opportunity to regenerate and purify!

Sauna guide


  • Finnish sauna: 85–90 ° C, 10 to 20% humidity
  • Steam bath: 50–60 ° C, 90–100% humidity
  • Infrared cabin: 35–40 ° C
  • Herbal sauna: 50–60 ° C, 40–50% humidity
  • Laconium: 40 to 50 ° C, 30–40% humidity
  • Ice, tropical rain and bucket showers, flood showers
  • Finnish panorama sauna with garden and sea view


Please do not wear street clothes and shoes  in the entire sauna area! As is common in Central Europe, the souna area is an absolute quiet, nude and non-smoking area. If you do not want to use the sauna naked, please put a towel over your swimwear.


Towels can be found in the Miramar bath bag (room). These can be changed at the spa reception and the pool area.


Access permitted to persons aged 16 years or over. The sauna areas are open daily from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and earlier on request, from 11 a.m. on rainy days. Please contact our spa reception.


Regular (correctly performed) sauna visits strengthen the immune and cardiovascular system, cleanse the skin and reduce stress. The steam bath, with its pleasant temperatures and high humidity, ensures good circulation, stimulates the metabolism and loosens the muscles. The deep heat of the infrared cabin warms from the inside, cleanses the skin, detoxifies and relieves muscle tension.


  • Take a shower beforehand. The shower makes the skin wet and removes perfumes and smells that otherwise become stronger and more pungent in the sauna. Body scrubs are also recommended.
  • Before entering the sauna your body should be completely dry in order to speed up perspiration in the sauna.
  • Leave bathing shoes in front of the sauna cabin.
  • Place your whole body on a towel. When going in or out the sauna, do it quickly and make sure that the door closes firmly in order not to spill out the heat.
  • Please do not use the pool without showering after the sauna!
  • It is recommended to drink water or tea (without sugar) before and after the sauna.
  • Take a break of at least 20 minutes between sauna sessions (max. 15 min.)
  • Please use the sauna according to your constitution.