Hotel Miramar. Beautiful prospects. Relaxing holidays in Croatia!

Feel good. In fact, even feel better. Feeling happy, feeling satisfied. And try to experience the spirit of long past times.

Opatija or in former times called Abbazia is a belle-époque seaside resort. Miramar was built in this former times – the Belle-Èpoque is characterised by optimism, economic prosperity, technological and scientific progress, In this prosperous climate, also the arts flourished as well as beautiful things and enjoyment.

So Miramar tries to fascinate with amenities of modern-day life and with the charm and the prosperous climate of this past times. And of course with its unique and wonderful waterfront location! Be inspired through the pleasure of being pampered by our staff during your holidays and enjoy the mangnificent atmosphere of the still fairytale-like „Belle Epoque“.

Miramar map

Idyll by the sea

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Unique location

with sea view

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Enjoy the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere ..

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Hotel garden

with camellias, a fountain and an impressive stone monument, the „European peace gate“

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Once upon a time …

From Villa Meyne to the 4-star superior relaxation resort Miramar.
Vacation in Croatia means vacation in Opatija

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Hotel reviews

Have a look at the online customers reviews.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Ankommen und neugierig sein Staunen und wundern Innehalten und genießen Und in die Weite eintauchen.